Driving Footwear

It is important that when driving you are wearing sensible footwear.  Many of us won't think twice about the shoes we are wearing when driving, until an accident or potential accident is the result of inappropriate footwear.


There is not a law in the UK making it illegal to drive in any type of shoe. Legally you're allowed to drive in whatever footwear you choose or even drive barefoot.   If an accident is a result of inappropriate driving footwear then, the consequences can be serious so this is why you really do need to take in to account what you have on your feet.


We will look at the varying types of footwear that you may choose to wear and hopefully this will make you think about what shoes you are wearing the next time you are driving your car.


High Heels


The pitfalls of driving in high heeled shoes or boots can be that the heel gets caught in the floor carpet or mat just as you are getting ready to brake.  If this happens then it will hinder your reaction times or it could even stop the brake being pressed altogether.


Driving in high heeled shoes can also be dangerous due to the heel of your foot not resting on the floor of the car. If the heel of your foot rests on the floor it allows you to move from the accelerator to the brake much faster and easier.


Bare Footed


Driving in bare feet has been found to be a safe option, certainly safer than driving in high heeled shoes or flip flops.


There are however some factors that should be taken in to account before you choose to drive without any shoes at all.


Whilst driving with no shoes on will allow you to have a better 'feel' of the car you do risk the chance of suffering an injury.  You may also find the feel of the pedals uncomfortable, which could lead to you having less control of the car than you would like.


If you are wearing socks, tights or stockings then this could make the pedals feel somewht slippery, again reducing the control that you may have of the car.  Your foot could also slip off the pedals quite easily causing you an injury or an accident. 


Flip Flops/Beach Shoes/Sandals



Driving in flip flops or similar types of footwear can lead to problems. Pedals can easily get caught between the sole of your foot and the flip flop.  If this happens then you will have less control of the car and it will take you longer to break.  This could also lead to you having an accident if you had not been keeping a safe distance from the vehicle in front.


Flip flops can also easily slip off your feet whilst driving also. This can then distract you from the job in hand and could cause an accident when you are in a panic about where your shoe has gone.



You can still be fashion conscious and drive at the same time.  The answer is to wear sensible shoes and take your high heeled shoes, flip flops, sandals and beach shoes with you.  You can change in to them when you have arrived at your destination.





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